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The Age Thing, Again 07-02-2010
My friends and I often find ourselves talking about “the age thing” - this can include men’s propensity to seek out younger women (often excluding women in their own age group), how older women dating younger men are generally frowned on and assigned an animal nickname (welcome to “Cougartown”), how an age difference can either matter or not matter in choosing someone to date, and the degree to which online dating - filtering primarily by age - creates unnecessary and unimportant hurdles in front of someone who could be great. For instance, this “Vows” couple who almost didn’t make it, because of her list, and because of “the age thing.” They went out twice, had two great dates, and then she called it off - not because she didn’t like him or have fun with him, but because he was nine years older. True, part of that was because she was feeling her youth and her newness in a big city with lots of (perceived potential) - at that point, to her, 26/35 was a huge difference.

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